VetstreamVetstream is an innovative provider of clinical information to the global veterinary market. Subscribers in over 60 countries regularly use our services – Canis, Felis, Lapis and Equis – to gain instant access to arguably the world’s largest digital source of regularly updated veterinary information and images. Available via the Internet, Vetstream allows you to tap into the knowledge of more than 400 of the world’s most respected professionals.

Why use Vetstream clinical information services?

Enhance your client service

You’ll discover that Vetstream services help to strengthen client relations, by illustrating conditions and procedures visually and interactively. Interactive photographs, radiographs, heart sounds and videos bring content to life. Show clients material on screen, then give them informative print–outs to take home.

Improve your approach to diagnosis and treatment

Vetstream services give you quick access to comprehensive clinical content to help you diagnose problems quickly and accurately. Dig deeper to check for any side effects from the drugs and possible interactions, with easy access to an up–to–date formulary to support your pricing and dosing recommendations.

Support staff training

Vetstream services boost the knowledge of other members of the hospital and clinic teams. To enhance your practice’s education, Vetstream services make it easy to share information and images with other members of your practice, staff, and clients.

Vetstream is a valuable resource when you build professional and memorable presentations. Quickly link to other text components, photographs and illustrations – it’s a real time saver especially when you are working under pressure.

Prepare for surgical procedures

  • Brush up on surgical techniques.
  • Review the pros and cons of a surgical procedure.
  • Discover tips and warnings about key procedures.
  • Follow links to related material that features multimedia interactive tools such as radiographs, videos and heart sounds.

How do Vetstream clinical information services support you?

A complete guide for diagnosis and treatment

Vetstream services take you step–by–step from presenting problems through laboratory testing, diagnosis and drug selection.

One–source convenience

Stop searching through dozens of reference books, countless journals or hundreds of websites.

Species–specific content

Find what you’re looking for with four species–specific services: Canis, Felis, Lapis and Equis.

Peer reviewed, expert content

Tap into the knowledge of more than 400 of the world’s most respected professionals. Editorial board oversight and peer review by leading independent veterinarians means that Vetstream services provide clinical information you can depend on.

Regular updates

Keep at the forefront of veterinary knowledge; Vetstream services are updated online bi–weekly.

Comprehensive, problem–solving

Support your work with logical formats, including highlighted key–ideas and materials that are fully cross–linked to related content.

Interactive content

Look for multimedia features such as illustrations, radiographs, heart sounds, ultrasounds, photographs and videos to enhance understanding.

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