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Ensuring the welfare of trainee vets

4:31 pm in News, Veterinary Schools by Jonathan (Vetstart Editor)

Nottingham University teams up with The Association of Veterinary Students (AVS) to support vet trainee welfare in the UK

Working alongside a wide range of charities, veterinary organisations and School staff, the Nottingham AVS Welfare Day held on Wednesday 24 October, has been organised to raise awareness of the huge support network in place throughout the five year course.

Junior AVS Rep for Nottingham, William Bayton, explained: “Veterinary medicine can be a very stressful profession. The long-hours, busy schedule and difficult decisions can all build up to really impact the individual, which is why stress and depression is so common among vets.

“The same can be said for vet students; sometimes it feels like your whole life is a combination of exams and lectures, which is why it is crucial that the students here are aware of the huge support network in place to get them through any issues.

Student Support Officer Jane Ackling commented: “The veterinary course itself also includes modules designed to prepare students for life after graduation, from financial management to striking a work-life balance, while students also have access to workshops on managing stress, anxiety and perfectionism.

For more information on last year’s Welfare Day visit AVS.


Animal Abuse

1:33 pm in News, Veterinary Schools by Alison

Animal Abuse

This week we had lectures on something horrible, but something completely necessary for us to learn: abuse of animals.

I think what shocked me the most was how widespread it is. I sort of classed it with other things that rarely happen at the back of my head. In 2009 1,153 people were convicted in cases brought about by the RSPCA, plus 612 people cautioned for offences under the Animal Welfare Act (2006). For a nation of pet lovers, this is a lot.

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Any Questions?

3:52 pm in News by Joe

Any Questions?

We arrive at Vet school expecting to be taught how to be a Vet. By second year we know there’s more to it than what’s in the lectures.

Being good at what you do is about more than encyclopaedic knowledge of parasitology, pathology and pharmacology, amongst others. That isn’t a surprise. The same has always applied to anyone, in any job.

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10 Myths that need debunking

3:59 pm in News, Practice Management by Jonathan (Vetstart Editor)

Myths and incorrect information pass through all aspects of our lives, and unfortunately when it comes to pet care owners often adhere to beliefs that simply aren’t true and impact on the lives of their pets. Internalising issues, thinking their pets hold grudges against them or believing punishment is a requirement in training all lead to further problems for both owners, pets and ultimately vets who have to correct what happens.

This useful handout from DVM is distributable and should go some way in dispelling these myths before they become full out problems.


Brachycephalic dogs and cats banned from flying

4:17 pm in Events, News by Jonathan (Vetstart Editor)

Certain airlines have banned brachycelphalic breeds of dogs and cats that are more prone to stress induced breathing difficulties and exhaustion. Certain airlines already carry restrictions enforcing vet consent before animals can board, however bans on a number of breeds are becoming much more common due to the proportion of deaths on airlines.

Read more for the full story by Business360.

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Director appointed to animal welfare centre at the Royal (Dick) Veterinary School

10:11 pm in News, Veterinary Schools by mark

An animal welfare expert has been appointed to head a centre that aims to improve the well-being of animals worldwide.  Professor Natalie Waran will take up the post of Director of the Jeanne Marchig International Centre for Animal Welfare Education at the University of Edinburgh’s Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies.  The centre aims to... more »