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The Staffordshire Bull Terrier: to love or to loathe?

1:22 pm in News by Daisy

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier: to love or to loathe?

In the UK, there is a huge dichotomy between those who love and those who loathe the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. On the one hand, we have half of the country quaking in fear at the sight of their stocky frame and boisterous disposition.

We hear horror stories of children being attacked, of beloved pets being overwhelmed by instinct and biting relentlessly, latched on with those immense jaws. Many of these prejudices are false and often stem from hear say and ridiculous tabloid exaggerations.

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Any Questions?

3:52 pm in News by Joe

Any Questions?

We arrive at Vet school expecting to be taught how to be a Vet. By second year we know there’s more to it than what’s in the lectures.

Being good at what you do is about more than encyclopaedic knowledge of parasitology, pathology and pharmacology, amongst others. That isn’t a surprise. The same has always applied to anyone, in any job.

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10 Myths that need debunking

3:59 pm in News, Practice Management by Jonathan (Vetstart Editor)

Myths and incorrect information pass through all aspects of our lives, and unfortunately when it comes to pet care owners often adhere to beliefs that simply aren’t true and impact on the lives of their pets. Internalising issues, thinking their pets hold grudges against them or believing punishment is a requirement in training all lead to further problems for both owners, pets and ultimately vets who have to correct what happens.

This useful handout from DVM is distributable and should go some way in dispelling these myths before they become full out problems.